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Thymomas, thymic carcinomas and mediastinal tumors ,
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Thymomas and thymic carcinomas

Complete surgical removal of all tumors by surgery is the treatment of choice. The vast majority of type A, AB and B1 thymomas occur in resectable, localized stages. According to present findings, with complete removal of these benign types a clinical follow-up is sufficient. The follow-up must take place in the long term, because thymomas can recur even 20 years later. In malignant thymoma III (infiltration of adjacent organs) should be an adjuvant therapy connected (depending on Gesamtsitutation irradiation and / or chemotherapy) from a Masaoka tumor stage . In cases where the tumor for surgery is too far advanced , there is the possibility of tumor shrinkage by neoadjuvant chemotherapy or treatment with somatostatin analogues followed by surgery ( and then possibly re- chemotherapy). Adjuvant and neoadjuvant therapy of advanced thymoma and thymic is still a problem area and urgently requires the identification of potential new therapeutic targets.
From the above described important differences in terms of biology, therapy and prognosis of correct histological classification of utmost importance occurs by a pathologist. Due to the great rarity of these tumors, however, only a few pathologists have sufficient experience with thymoma.

If in doubt about the assignment of a tumor exist in one of the categories described above, you can perform a consiliary second opinion by our experienced diagnostician.

Through our local, national and international network we can competently advise patients and doctors in case of problems and establish contacts with other specialists.
The staff of our institute can boast a more than fifteen years of experience in the reference diagnosis and scientific treatment of thymoma and other mediastinal tumors and were essential to the constitution of the current classification of the World Health Organization ( WHO) of these tumors involved (Marx, Stroebel et al. Thymomas . In: World Health classification of tumors. Tumours of the Lung, Pleura, Thymus and Heart, Pathology & Genetics, Lyon, IARC 2004). In addition, we are commissioned by the International Academy of Pathology (IAP) as instructors in the training of other pathologists working in this specialty.