Institute of Pathology Mannheim

Patho Team

The Institute of Pathology at the University Hospital Mannheim, University of Heidelberg is an integral part of the university maximum care. It is responsible for the histological and cytological diagnosis in the context of steady-state and pre-hospital treatment. As part of the Breast Center and the Interdisciplinary Tumor Center Mannheim ( ITM) , the Institute also performs an important role in the interdisciplinary patient care. In addition, the institute represents the academic teaching in the preclinical and clinical study in the subjects Histological Anatomy (Reformstudiengang MaReCuM) and pathology.

The diagnostic specialties of the Institute are in the areas of hematopathology, thymomas, thymic and soft tissue tumors . These areas are also represented nationally as part of an extensive Consiliardoings. The Institute serves in several large studies as a reference laboratory.

The research focus of the Institute is a main factor tumor biology applied, especially

• Translational studies on the therapy of malignant tumors of the thymus
• Paraneoplastic autoimmunity, especially myasthenia gravis
• Translational studies for the treatment of rhabdomyosarcoma
• prostate cancer
• angiosarcoma