Thymic tumors, autoimmunity: Molecular and epigenetic regulation of pro- and anti- apoptotic genes in genetic tumor cells and T cells (tissues, mouse models) ( Dr. Djeda Belharazem, Dipl. biol. Anna -Lena Bohlender – Willke)
Prof. Dr. Alexader Marx

Colorectal and gastric tumors: Histopathological, chromosomal and epigenetic risk factors and biomarkers for early tumor stages (Dipl. Biol D. Fiedler, Dr. Ch Lippert )
PD Dr. Timo Gaiser

IGF2 Loss of imprinting: Comparison of regulatory mechanisms in GIST, Kolon-, Mama-, and Thymic tumors
Dr. D. Belharazem

Rhabdomyosarcoma (RMS) / Tumor Immunology: Wnt signaling , apoptosis resistance, microenvironment and optimization of an RMS – specific adoptive T-cell therapy (Dr. K. Simon- Keller)
Prof. Dr. Alexader Marx

Invariant natural killer T cells in chronic Inflammation and neoplasia
Pathophysiology of chronic inflammatory kidney disease
PD Dr. med Stefan Porubsky

Computer-aided image analysis: Development of new algorithms for application to solid tumors ( thymoma, neuroendocrine tumors, rhabdomyosarcoma) and leukemia (CML)
M. Sc. Cleo Aron Weis