Autopsies at the Institute of Pathology, Mannheim

Autopsies at the Institute of Pathology, Mannheim

An autopsy is an internal autopsy to determine the cause of death among reconstruction of the dying process. The autopsy is performed by pathologists, forensic physicians and anatomists.
In pathology, autopsies are performed to elucidate the cause of death and diseases of the deceased. Also, autopsies have an important role in the elucidation of notifiable infectious diseases. Some are also indexed insurance and to contribute to the clarification of financial claims.
The right medicine deals in contrast with forensic autopsies, which are intended to solve a crime.

A clinical autopsy is performed after the request by the responsible physician of the deceased.
The prerequisite is a natural cause of death of the patient and the agreement (oral or written) of the relatives.

Request to the clinician:

Indicate on the form “obituary” whether the section has been approved, denied, or may not be discussed!

On the form “obituary” note if infectious diseases such as hepatitis, HIV or tuberculosis present!

In addition, indicate on the form “obituary” the name of the physician and phone number legibly!